Is anybody taking anti seizure medications for avm as a preventive measure for bleeding or stroke?

Hey Silvia,
As far as i know anti-convulsives are only designed to prevent Seizures not bleeding or strokes.
Ive been on anti-convulsives since i was first diagnosed with my Avm in Oct 2006 and continue to take them now even 6 months after my surgery and have been told that i will possibly have to take them the rest of my life, as the removal of the Avm causes scar tissue to form which irritates the brain and could cause further seizures.
Did your doctor say you were on them to prevent bleeding or stroke?
If so he maybe mis informing you,unless a seizure itself could cause a bleed/stroke,might have to look into that oneā€¦

Hi Theo,
My husband is taking Topomax and it makes him very tired and also very slow in his thinking and speech. What kind of medication are you taking? Also we are thinking about surgery to remove the avm. We had a consultation about radiation treatment. But it will take 3 years for the avm to dry out. I have been researching on line and it seems that if the avm is less than 3cm they do not operate. It is really overwhelming to try to process all of the informations

I take Nuerontin and Depakote for seizures, dont know if its to prevent bleeding or not though.

what are the side effects?

I am currnently taking Valpro 200, 1200mgs a day.
The 12months leading upto my operation after first being diagnosed i was on like 300mgs of dilantin a day.
The dilantin when i first stated taking it made me tired, slurred my speech a little and if i moved quickly i would get dizzy,it also made my gums bleed!

With the Valproate 200 one of the first things ive noticed is that ive gained weight,can feel a little doey at times,get tired easier but my gums are fine now.

After reasearching the possible side effects to this drug i get regular liver and kidney function testing etc, to make sure its not causing any major damage.
I strongly suggest that everyone does it taking these medications.

What i think you should do if you havent already, is that you research the drug online through a search engine like google,thats what i did.
But dont freak out whe you see all the possible side effects cause that doesnt necessarily mean that it will happen to your husband,its just what could happen!

Anyways, good lucky with everything,and stay positive.
Take care,x :slight_smile:

just tiredness but it goes away if u find the right dose

My nephew was on dilantin but it caused toxicity and he was hospitalized for 3 days. He has been taken off this medication and put on something else (not sure of the name). He will be having GK surgery in a couple of weeks and was told that he may have to continue taking medication for life, if he has a seizure within 1 year. I would welcome other's stories with regard to medication and how long they have been on it, as well as the side-effects people are experiencing.