Memory test!

I need to get a MEMORY TEST!!! Does anybody now about it??

Hi Enrique,

Two years ago my husband had testing done. He had his testing done through a sociologist that we had been to before. He had several different tests done one being cognitive and four others I’m sure memory was one of them. We did not really realize his disability until after taking these tests. I hope this helps.

Love and God Bless
Mark and Tina

Hi Enrique,

My husband went to a neuropsychiatrist for an assessment of memory and other cognitive skills. This doctor was in the hospital’s Department of Behavioral Sciences, and the name of the assessment was a Neuropsychological Examination.

I should add that the results were very strange…every doctor who has seen my husband since says there’s no way his functioning is as low as some of the tests showed. You can be nervous during the test, or you might not be good at the exact tasks they give you, but if those tasks don’t reflect real-life skills you need, then the results aren’t very useful. So when you do go, don’t let the tests or the results scare you.


Enrique, is this for some sort of disability benefit that you need to have one? I had a full cognitive assessment done by a neuropsychiatrist and I found it very useful, even just to see that some of my deficits weren’t “all in my head” so to speak. Memory was a big part of this assessment. The cool thing about this assessment is that it included a section that determines what your levels were before the injury so you could really see a difference. Then when I applied for Social Security Disability, they sent me to one of their “doctors” for a memory test. What a joke! Their “doctor” wasn’t a doctor at all, just a psychologist and not even one that specialized in brain injuries. With this test he basically told me i was a complete moron with an IQ so low that I should barely be functioning at all! Total BS…he didn’t do an IQ test at all, just had me retell some stories that he read to me. I suppose it helped though, I did eventually get my benefits.

I’ll find the phone number you need here in Houston.

Oh right… cool

Daniel A Sadler said:

I’ll find the phone number you need here in Houston.

I do have to correct myself. It was Doctor John D. Lewis, Psy.D. and it was a Neuropsychological Consultation.

Mark had developed a history with this Doctor for the past 5 years at least. we saw him for an issue when he worked at GE. and then again for trying to get a better understanding of avm. but after this second appointment I could see that the Dr. could not understand what our family was trying to work through with Mark’s deficits.

Just seeing the Doctor maybe five times out of the past 5 years the Doctor says that Mark comes across as a bright gentleman, above average in intellect. He’s verbally quick and articulate and has a good sense of humor. He also said that He’s also an earnest guy. with a strong work ethic.

when GE wanted Mark to have the assessment done. I think Doctor Lewis was quit shocked while doing the testing. Mark said that the Dr. spun around in his chair with his jaw dropped with the results that he was seeing during the testing.

In my opinion. (an this is only from the experience that we went through with building a relationship the Doctor) I feel having built a relationship with this Doctor. with work related issues that he had at work, by the doc getting to know Mark without knowing what his deficits were. The Doctor got to know Mark and his character. He did not know about Mark’s deficits until GE ordered them. So it made it easier for the Doctor to be able to write a letter stating how he saw Mark’s character and then finding out the deficits that he has be struggling with while working for 32 years. never considered disability until now.

I feel that it is important to build a relationship with this type of Doctor so he can get to know your struggles along with the survivors character. so when you can no longer do your duties the doctor has that history , the character, and the results.

The doctor had no problem writing a letter describing past history of his intracranial bleed and the doctors that follow up with him.

He was able to describe his character , as he saw him in their past visits , his work ethic because they would discuss this at each visit.

He was able to describe the testing and how he felt that he could have left work along time ago. but could see from past visits that he never seriously considered it.

He was able to voice his opinion that he could now see the deficits that Mark has that he can no longer be put into a new job position or do the job that he has been doing.

In my opinion. if Mark would not have known this Doctor, a very good chance that he would have had the same reactions that I read from these replies.

We had not planned it for that reason that I share. I mean SSD. Mark always planned to retire with his pension. it was my idea to see this doctor hoping that we could get an understanding of what Mark was going through with his job.

I can see that it helped a great deal to have Doctor Lewis see one side of Mark and than finding out and getting to understand the other part of Mark that he could not see helped the Doctor understand him over all. not just a person that the doctor doesn’t know and just sees test results.

Love and God Bless
Mark and Tina

THK U for everything and thank you for dropping by and give me your opinion on this. I just get a few phone numbers so I am going to give the a call. If you have something else please drop by here and give me the opinion.

Againg Thank you and Good Luck


I went to a neuropsychologist also, but only for the tests. Still, we were quit surprised at the inconsistent scores. In some areas, I was very high and other ares very low. For example IQ and solving problems were in top 10%, but memory and social skills were in lower 25%.

It didn’t help that I handled the experience wrong. The doctor expected me to check up on him and manage the testing program costs. He got very angry at me for not handling things correctly. I wanted to tell him his tests results showed I was not good at these things, but he was too angry to talk.

So, I got some good data from him, but it was a painful experience. I agree with you that developing a relationship before the testing is a good idea. Maybe in my case, the neuropsychologist would have treated me more like a human being.