Has anyone had trouble with their memory, mine seems to be getting worse all the time, leaving the house unlocked twice last week,forgot where the pub was ( been using the pub for the last few years, but on Thursday, took my little girl to school in the car ( it was raining ) then went home, went to get in the car to go to work it was gone,i be leaved it had been stolen.It was only when i saw how wet my clothes were that i went back to the school and there it was, i still can not recall walking home, today the family went for a meal, on the way back i pulled in to a shop to get something to eat,i had forgotten that i had just eat, crazy or wot !!!

WOW Jerry that is crazy, I can’t imagine.

I have noticed a differece in my memory but they say its a side effect of the meds I am on - although its forgetting what i am talking about or what i have just done or was just going to do. I did initially worry about it but have now got to the stage i laugh it off and blame it on being blonde (well fake blonde!) - I write myself lists at work so I remember what i have done or have to do!

Jerry, were you still hungry and looking forward to more food ? If not this scenario could be viewed as a bit, unusual. Have you discussed your short - term memory issues with any of your physicians ? You may want to contact them and inquire as to whether you may need a “check-up” to deetermine if there is a physical reason aside from, of course , the avm . Any other changes of late ? I find that the more active I am the less attention I pay the small things. Did I eat two bananas and launder the linen or did I launder the bananas…? As I do not drive any longer I can not lose a car , though I did lose my apartment keys which I found some minutes later in my left hand where they had obviously been the entire time I stood around looking for them. The other day I walked to the drug store and came back WITHOUT the items I had gone for , does that count ? Is it abscent mindedness , pre-occupation , memory loss or craziness ?

Hi, Jerry- you should get this checked out. Doesn’t sound normal.
I have some short term memory issues, but not to that degree.