I have menoy issues also, my brain bleed was ten years ago. Things have gotten better over the years but basically I am a new person now. Your right people in our lives don’t understand the changes in us. It is hard for them to deal with. It is hard for us to handle the changes in our life. Some of my menoy issues come from my medine. I just try be thankful for each day and for the blessings I do have because I know ther are people a lot worse off then me. I do me the old me and some days that is sad.

Hi Donna:). It's been sixteen years since my rupture and I still have some memory trouble; I blame a lot of memory trouble to the type of anti epileptic drug you are on, I'm on the generic keppra now and I feel smarter, I was on dilantin and then trileptal and both those drugs, especially dilantin seemed to dumb me down. Hope that helps.

Hey Donna! It’s been 3 years since my rupture and I as well have memory issues. I get sad a lot too because I am a different person. But I just try and look at things in a better way. For instance, people will never get to boring for me, they can keep telling me the same story and I will always be interested!