Metal plate

Hi did any one have a metal plate put inside their head after crainium surgery if so how do they feel now.

Hi JuJu. I do not have a metal plate. However, I did a search on the words for you…
Click on the link to see if there might be some info you can use.

i have a plate in my head its been 10 months and the site is still numb


My daughter has a plate. Actually, she had one from March 2010 until a couple weeks ago, when the original had to be replaced during another craniotomy. There were bumps and odd angles on my daughter’s head, even a loose screw (that was the focus of many family jokes), but otherwise, nobody would ever know. She got new metal in her head during her surgery a couple weeks ago to resect the residual AVM. I haven’t really checked out her head carefully since the incision still has stitches and is pretty fresh. But every once in a while, I can feel around so I know what it feels like in various places.

Hope that helps. Good luck,

yes i have a plate. mine is still numb at the site. the skin finally feels like it stuck back to the scalp tho. its not floating anymore

I have three metal plates in my skull and 2 metal clips in my brain. I can feel bumps on my forehead where the plates are but they don’t hurt. It was numb for a few months after the craniotomy but now all the feeling is back. I was a little disappointed that i couldnt stick magnets to my head :wink:

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Lol!! They don’t stick? I was going to give it a try after my incision healed. Lol

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