Minimally Invasive procedures... anybody had experience here?

I’ve been reading a lot about a number of hospitals that perform minimally invasive surgeries in lieu of craniotomy. Instead of going in through the skull, they enter through the nose and sinuses typically. Supposedly it’s less risky and causes less damage. Does anyone have any first-hand knowledge of this procedure?
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Sounds risky to me. They’ve been doing crainiotomies for decades and so its risks are well-known. I would want to play it safe when it comes to brain surgery. :slight_smile:


I’ll have to ask my father, but I think my brother had to have surgery through the nose for something. I never grew up with my father or my brother so I don’t realy know deatails of their lives. But I’d deffinatly look it up. I think my father said he did have some scaring.

I have never heard of this. I would get second and third opinions. I worked on a neurosurery floor in a hospital and the only thing I saw or knew of for going through the nose and sinuses was for pituitary tumors. Other tumors and one AVM I saw a craniotomy was performed. Just to note I am not a nurse but worked directly with the nurses who knew of my condition and help me to understand things to the best of my ability.

I’ve seen just a couple or so hospitals offering this, but figure it doesn’t hurt to look at all the options. It’s not embolization… it’s actual surgery. This is the link I most recently found:

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Wow never heard of this. i know Erica mentioned somthing about her son Daniels doc saying that a new treatment was coming fo angiograms that they wouldn’t have to go through groin, but not anything like this. Amanda