Momentary speech loss anyone?

so my avm is in the language section of my brain and until i got on my medication i would have these random moments where i couldnt understand what people were saying to me. it sounded like they were mummbling a foreign language and when ever i went to speak nothing would come out like i couldnt formulate words. has anyone else had this?

I had a lot of moments when I couldn’t find words or times I would mix things up. Like saying kitchen instead of bathroom. I also needed people to repeat things for me often. My AVM was in my right temporal lobe. I had a crainiotomy in Jan and things have improved a little, but still have many times when my words seem stuck in my head.

yeah since my gamma knife i sometimes find it harder to talk or it takes a second longer to figure our what someone said to me

Kasey, Yes it’s been 6 yrs. for me and I still have problems here and there where I can’t get my words out and my speech is messed up. I did go through months of Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment due to radiation damage that effected my speech.

Hi Kasey, yes and only one time a little over a year ago, my doctor said it was a seizure, was more then the fact that I couldnt say the words, I forgot all the words, I was awake and didnt know any words at all,forgot english completely,it lasted from what I was told a few minutes and i remember it all, every minute of it,i remember laying there looking at my husband and thinking ,i cant talk,how do I talk,very scary,when i seen the doctor he said it was a seizure,simple partial siezure,

im glad im not alone, it’s felt like that for a long time but it’s a releif to have people who know what im going through rather than someone just telling me they feel bad for me. i go for my mri this weekend and im scared. if it’s good i want to know asap but if it isnt then i’m not sure if i want to know

the only thing I have had is major studdering it has finally calmed down sumwhat It seemed to have started when I arrived home and became very very stressed out .It has been 10 months since my operation but the stress level has calm down here and so has my studdering thank god. is there lots of stress where you are ? that may be the reason It takes time for everything to learn its place again so it will Im sure get back once your operation reconnect back to everything give it a chance. karen

Ok I know I'm really late in replying here, but I just wanted to say thanks for this post. Without it, I would have continued to think that it was all in my head (no pun intended). Sometimes I have those random moments also where I think about the word I'm about to say but out comes a totally diff word instead. Sometimes, there's stuttering too. Is it the AVM or the meds?

Hello, yes I've had something very similar. You say your avm is in the language section of your brain. Are you having seizures? When it happened to me it was after / during a prolonged non-convulsive status episode which spread to most bits of my brain, including the language department. It was quite disturbing - people sounded as if they were speaking in foreign accents although I knew they weren't. My voice also sounded as if it had an accent. It will pass and I hope the medication sorts it out.



Hello Kasey,

I've had something similar to what you are experiencing. Weeks before my AVM hemorrhage I've noticed problems with my speech and understanding. Sometimes I wouldn't understand what others were saying to me, or asking me, and when I would respond, usually I would get reactions of annoyance or people would look at me as if I had ten heads - obviously, not understanding what I had said. This continued after the Gamma Knife procedure (my AVM was located in the right parietal/occipital lobe). Even if I had thought about what I had to say to others, the words would always come out wrong, which would make me nervous. I work as a secretary, so sometimes when a client calls or comes in with a question, I would get nervous, because I would be fearful that I could not understand them, or that they wouldn't understand my response. It has been two years and three months, and I still go through this, it has gotten better.

You're definitely not alone in this.