Moving to USA


İ am getting mail from you and watching you since i had AVM in 2010.

Well after 9 years i have very good condition in my life,everything okay.Now i need some informational knowledge about to live in USA because we intented to move your country with my parents.İ was playing oboe for state opera and ballet orchestra in Türkey since 30 years and i dont want to make music anymore in my new life after retirement.Which state is good for easy and cheap to start?Do your organization have network help me to find a job in USA?(not music:))?

Sorry for my bad English.

Thanks and warm hello from Türkey.

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Hello Ahmet, it’s great you posted as its been a while! Sorry I can’t offer any advice, I’m from Canada but maybe someone will be able to point you in the right direction. Its great to hear your condition is so good! Take Care, John.


Hello @ahmet
That is wonderful that you plan on moving to the USA.
The good news is the economy is doing really well.
The best US site for looking for jobs is
I live in California near San Francisco it’s very expensive and we have a housing shortage.

Also weather varies quite a bit depending on where you live like where I live it never snows or hardly gets above 100 degrees.