MRI and Radiation Report

On Monday, March 15th my husband Matt had his first MRI since having radiation therapy in June of 2009. We waited for a whole week to get the results and it was great news when we got the results of Friday. The doctor told us that the size of the AVM had shrunk, the small blood vessels around the AVM were blocked or gone, and that the one main blood vessel that was still feeding blood to the AVM was no longer active and that there was no blood flow to the AVM. The doctor wants to do another MRI in 6 months, and another angiogram in the Spring of next year, but he said that he thought that my husband was cured. I know that the AVM is not able to be removed, but to even hear the word cured after almost loosing him 1 1/2 years ago was amazing. Thank you all for your support and I wanted to share our news with everyone. God is amazing and still answers prayers.

Congratulations! It is so awesome to hear such great news! God is good!

Donna-ENJOY !!! , and thank you for sharring such good news !

Oh, Donna, I am so happy for your husband! What a relief for both of you!

I’m late but congratulations! Continue to be positive and God bless both you and your husband.