MRI/Angio findings

Well, so far they’ve done a bunch of tests and the neurosurgeon here says no one in the area is qualified to work on me due to the location/complexity of my AVM. They’re sending it all down to the Barrow Institute in AZ for their evaluation. Hopefully hear something soon. Here’s the MRI report description:

Multiple vascular flow voids are demonstrated within the left cerebellum consistent with
an AVM nidus measuring approximately 3x3cm. Multiple dilated draining veins are
demonstrated (cortical veins along the left parietal/occipital lobes and along the surface of
the cerebellum). There is a dilated vein at the midline posterior to the quadrigeminal plate
which appears to communicate with the superior sagittal vein similar to the vein of Galen
malformation. Regions of increased signal intensity within the dilated veins may represent
thrombosed veins. There are likely venous aneurysms measuring up to 5mm in the
superior aspect of the cerebellum, Encephalomalacia is demonstrated around the AVM
sceondar to steal phenomenon.

Lots of big words to look up and try to figure out…


Good luck with the folks at Barrow. Regardless of what they tell you, please do not give up. I think I spoke to five neurosurgeons before I found one who was confident in his ability to treat my daughter. There are many high-caliber doctors who have dealt with enough AVMs to be confident in what they can and cannot do. Don’t give up!!

– Tina