MRI Images

Can any one tell me what an AVM of the brain looks like on a MRI? The ones I saw looked like white stones. I didn’t see any veins. Is this normal?

I have seen pictures of scans showing AVMs and I have seen Chari’s scans showing the AVM, but I don’t think I can describe it. Plus, I think the AVMs can display in a variety of ways.

Can you medical team show you on the scans what is what? Your general practitioner might be able to as well.

Hope this helps.
ron, ks

On my MRI my AVM appeared white, but I was told that there is calcification. On the angiogram there was a much clearer picture of individual veins and the tangle.

Hi Catherine, I've had at least 6 MRI's done of mine. The ones that were done without contrast - I couldn't see them very well. My doctor had to point them out to me. The ones I had done with contrast - the avm showed up white in color. And, I could see the veins and the arteries.

I think all avms vary in accordance to there size and there make-up (for lack of better wording). Some of them look like a spider web and yet others may look like a tight cluster or a mass. That's a very vague description. I believe you will get a better idea of what they look like by searching the photos here on the site. Click on "more" at the top of this page. Then click on "photos".


Catherine, like others, I had no idea what my AVM looked like when I saw my MRI. I remember the Doctor showed it to me and I believe it was white in color. I would ask your Doctor to show it to you. Good Luck

I have a couple of photos on my page of MRIs that I had before and after my craniotomy. Generally speaking, the MRI images that I have been shown look like I had a golf ball right in the middle of my left temporal lobe. It is hard to see any detail and if I didn’t have someone tell me exactly what it was, I would have assumed it was a tumor. MRIs are very interesting, however, because they can be run at different levels, different resolutions and so on. In some cases, you can see images of nearly every vessel in your head in full 3D without seeing any of the surrouding tissue, which makes the AVM very obvious. But when viewed as a single image layer, it will be almost impossible to see anything resembling a vessel because you are only seeing a very small cross section of the overall area.