Mrs Roper-eat your heart out!

Just had embo #16 and am back at the condo resting…sorta. I’m very tired but for some reason am having a hard time relaxing. I know, that should be unusual for me who is never a stress case, never a control freak, and an expert at relaxing! ha!

So far the trip is going well. Had sushi for dinner last night for my “final supper” before treatment. I had the gigantic veggie box and Josh pigged out on pepperfin and two huge rolls…not to mention the edamame!

And tomorrow we are going to hook up with Arie and mom & dad for the day. Should be great!

But wanted to share with all of you my newest glamour gown! Wore it today and took a poll from everyone who came to see… Mrs. Roper or Super Cute Shalon. The results were pretty much a unanimous “both!” It made for a very fun day despite the embo.

And I made a new friend Kim. We didn’t talk much as they were pretty private in their room while waiting. But we quickly chatted right before she went in, and Josh also stopped by post op to pass along my “card” with website detials include this place. So I think it’s possible she may be joing soon. I hope so!

So without further adieu…

I think you can’t relax because that gown is probably keeping you awake!!! LOL!!! WOW! I’m sure you made everyone’s day as usual! The staff must get so excited when it’s your embo day! Looks very pretty. Love the brown, love the socks!
I hope you are feeling okay today and feel up to meeting with Arie and her mom. Take care Shalon. Thanks for sharing!!!

Thanks Joy! Yes this one is a little wild! And ya the staff always stps by two see my outfits. Does help brighten my day and get my mind off the upcoming treatment. But I think it lightens the mood all around. I love when a nurse or some other staff member comes by and says :i’ve hard about this gown and had to come see!"
The yellow sockies hava story of their own! I had brought my fun bright blue Alaska sockies tha Alison’s mom had given me…but I left them in my suitcase by accident. So the pair that was waiting on my bed at the hospital were the yucky beige ones. I asked if I could switch for the other standard blue…but Paulette came back with yellow instead to match the gown. The funny part of the story is that yellow socks are an indication to the staff that you are a “fall risk!” So that was a fun joke to use everytime I was walking around.
And yep, date today with the Wrights! We are excited and will take some pictures to post up.

fantastic gown, wish we had such funky ones over here!

OMG!! That gown rocks!! I love it! I hope your feeling good! Take care

I’m sorry but I absolutely LOVE the gown!! I love pinks and brown’s and flowers!!! hehe.

Thanks everyone. When I saw that material at the fabric store…I just had to have it. But after getting home and holding it up the mirror…well that’s when I started channeling Mrs. Roper! But I love it and it was a hit. Most people didn’t do the Mrs Roper association until I pointed it out…and then they all just laughed. So it did end up being a “good mood gown!”

Ok, you need to make me some gowns for when I go into labor, woman!

Shalon, Hope you are feeling better. That gown is awesome! You could actually go into business making those as I think people would buy them. I sent eveyone an email as I have been off the site awhile cuase my laptop crashed. I have my next embo next week, the 18th, almost wish we had done it this week as I have had too much time to think. Doing well but stay awfully tired all the time so now they are checking kidney function thyroid to see if constrast has/is causing any problems. I can’t complain though, life is good and I think I may have mentioned before, my Holly is pregnant (2 months, 3 weeks); Ginny and I are so excited about being grandparents! Well better run. Keep your spirits up and know how much you are loved by everyone on this site! regards, Steve