Multiple Radiation Treatments over the Course of 2 Weeks

I heard from my docs on Monday and I’m scheduled to go in for my radiation treatments this Friday July 16. They’ve told me that I’ll be having a total of 6 treatments; the 16th, 19th, 21st, 23th, 26th, and 28th. Has this happenned to anyone else? Also I was wondering if anyone could shed some light as to how they’ve felt after having multiple treatments.

Hi Jessica

You not alone. I had this course of treatment done in January. I heard from my doctor that this is the new recommended way to treat - high Gy dose for short periods over 2 weeks. I had an MRI last week and showed that my avm shrank 1mm.

The procedure is emotionally draining but otherwise not so bad. I was lucky to be working near a hospital so I could have afternoon sessions and return to work after. You’ll notice that your hair will fall out after about 2-3 weeks post-radiation. I had a numbing sensation in my left leg for a few weeks, and that sensation disappeared shortly thereafter. I have no symptoms.

Let me know if you need to ask me something more specific.


I had 21gy over 37 minutes, almost a year later, no change. They told me it could take up to three years.
My avm is stable.

When you get a chance check out my blog about, GK, remember everybody is different.

You are probably in the hospital as I write this, I’m praying for you.