My appointment

I finally got word that my appointment with Toronto Western is July 21st, at 9 in the morn. Can someone please tell me how the first appointment goes? They have instructed me to bring all of my imaging down with me from here. Were you told to bring your own imaging as well? Has anyone had Dr. Chris Wallace, what is he like?

I am happy to have an appointment, but still a bit scared. I really hope I’m not overreacting.


We have found that if you rely on the “system” to move your scans from one place to the other, they often don’t get there, or at least don’t get there without you checking in weekly to see if they have arrived. Carry them and then you know.

I’d suggest you write down all the questions you can think of NOW, then ask them as you get the chance. Also works well to have someone with you to help take notes. Then compare as soon as the appt is over, or in process if the DR steps out.

Best wishes,
Ron, KS

Good Point on the documentation. When our son was adjusting seizure meds and having seizures, we documented it on a calendar so it was more apparent to everyone.

ron, ks

I go to Toronto Western (gamma clinic). I have found all the staff amazing. They are very willing to take tome with you and answer every question you can dream up. On the first visit expect them to ask you about how you discovered your AVM and general health questions. My surgeon is Dr Cussimamo and he was amazing.

April, one of the things we did when Chari’s AVM was discovered, was write a 1/2 page explanation of what she had, what it meant, and how it might be treated. We handed or emailed that to a lot of our friends. It made it easier for us than explaining it 100 times, and gave them something they could have to read and understand, rather than trying to remember what they heard.
Might help.
Ron, KS