My AVM 16mm

I found my avm three weeks ago and size is 16mm(it is superficial and between the prontal and occipital lobes)
Which kind of treatment is better for this small avm? Please advise me
I am Kuma

What options has your doctor given you?

  1. Sugery - Becuse avm is small superficial but sometimes i have to expect side effects
    2.Radiation treatment
    Thank you Kell

My AVM is also small, but given its location I went with gamma knife based on my neurosurgeon’s recommendation. It took a while to get the decision, multiple MRIs, angios. He ordered a second angio prior to providing his recommendation. I told him once he had all the info he needed I was going to ask “What would you do if it was you and I would appreciate an honest answer” Fast forward about a month at the next appointment, we had the discussion and he looked right at me and said “if it was me, I would opt for gamma knife”. That was coming from the guy who would have done the surgery, easy decision! He referred me to his partner who does the gamma knife. I’m now approaching 9 months post treatment and look forward to my next MRI in November. Take Care, John.


His avm was superficial or a deep inside the brain ?

Mine is on the inner side of the left temporal, close to eloquent areas so deep. Tak Care, John.