My Beautiful Miracle!

On the 12 December 2006 our whole world came crashing down when our 5 year old little boy Kristofer suffered a ruptured AVM. We were told that he probably wouldnt survive and to prepare for the worst. Our little star fought it all the way.
After his 12 hour brain surgery they told us he probably wouldnt walk or talk and would probably be blind. Our brave little man had other ideas and after a long struggle he learnt to walk again. He talks and his sight is perfect, however he has a right side hemiplegia and a short term memory problem and although we are now 3 years down the line new things are still cropping up. We are thankful everyday that we have him but we have felt very isolated and alone because we knew no one else that has been through this or understands. I have only just found this fantastic site and its good to know we are not the only ones. For eveyone who is suffering or survived be brave and keep strong and remember how special you all are xxxxx


I am reading your post and crying! That is exactly how I felt…my son was diagnosed! Nico was five and we too felt alone. I was so relieved when I found this site! I am glad to hear that Kristofer is a fighter and that he too has come a long way!!

Take care-
Mickie Narvaza

Hang in there. I had my brain bleed on 12/23/07 and it seems that I get better daily. Your boy is very strong! I will pray that he gets beter daily! Louisa

Hi Louisa, Thank you, this site is so great for us, hope to find you well today xxx

Dear Shani, welcome. I am happy to read your gourgeous boy Kristofer is doing great. Lots of love to all your family. xxxxxxxx

Hi Shani! My daughter was 6 when she bled. Thank God for no loss but her AVM is inoperable and here we are 7 yrs later still fighting. Glad u found us here! Welcome to our family!

Hi There Irene, thanks for the message its so good to know that my little chap could grow up and lead a completely normal life or actually should he is a fighter thats why he is here after all. Hope to find you well today. Big Hugs Shani xx