My bestfriend

My bestfriend just suffered a brain injury on June 2nd. She always comes to me to talk about it to relieve stress on her, but her stress wears off on me, and there’s just so much stress all at one time. I’m here for her, no doubt. But all I ever do is cry all the time. Even in front of her. And that’s not good for her, considering her condition.

I love you Brooke, & I’m sorry for putting my problems on you all the time, but you’re all I’ve got. That’s why I came on this website, and that’s why I suggested you come on here too. It’ll help both of us. I love you.

I don’t mind it. But sometimes I think we both think too hard. I love you too.

yeah we do. but we can’t help it. it’s really scary.

It is.

Hi Brooke. Just remember…Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. ~M. Kathleen Casey
FYI…I still rely heavily on my friends to get me through tough times! Crying is okay but laughter is better!! I recommend that the both of you go out and have a pizza and then go to a movie!

Thank you.

LOVE your quote - am gonna write that down as a ‘reminder’ for myself! :slight_smile:
Brooke A,
Your friend is ‘fortunate’ to have you as a friend & tears are healthy, but as mentioned, “laughter, pizza & a movie is better.” :slight_smile:
After my 4th surgery while in rehab, a wonderful & wise nurse told me to allow myself to 'feel sad, have my pity parties & grieve, but to not get caught up in the ‘loop’ of them, & to focus on the good things I have to hold onto.'
Best wishes to you both,

I think that’s the best advice anybody has told me so far. But thanks. And you too!