My birthday :))

hi family -

just a reminder, march 17 is my avm birthday, i'm turning 11! (that means i suffered my near-fatal avm brain hemorrhage 11 years ago -- march 17 2000 -- literally having a biological death for a few secs.

so, ashok I died, and ashok II was born.

i have odd feelings -- feeling blessed that i survived, feeling terrified by what happened, feeling sorrow that i died, feeling melancholic that i ruined my only brother's wedding (my avm exploded just minutes before the ceremony)... but... the truth is, im still here. 11 years later. 11 years since my hidden birth defect called avm destroyed nearly half my brain through its massive hemorrhage. and im still alive.

your brother ashok

I am so glad you are still here!!! I wish you a long & happy life to come!

It’s wonderful ashok that you are a survivor…and I’m sure your brother very happy that you are still here.We’re very grateful to has this wonderful site because it’s full of SURVIVORS!!!

Ashok, it's wonderful that you are still here. I'm sure that the experience has made you stronger, you are a survivor.

Wishing you the best.

thanks guys for the kind words. my mom just wished me with a cake and candle this morning. she’s obviously very emotional today. (ps sh’s the one im gifting the infamous t-shirt to :slight_smile:

Ashok, have a wonderful 11th survival year, and I wish you many, many more to come

Happy Birthday Ashok!!! Clearly you are meant to be here. Namaste!