My boyfriend has a brain avm and I am 2 months pregnant

My boyfriend is 29 and im 21 I am pregnant and worried my unborn baby will not be ok. My bf wants me to abort but of course I will not. The reason is because he takes about for pills a day meds for his seizures. He tells me that will affect our baby and also his avm will be passed down to our baby. I havent yet been to the dr but I will soon. Im wondering if any one out there has had a similar experiance like mine and what happened. I am happy that im pregnant but my bf is not at all.


I’m pretty sure that most AVMs aren’t passed down; they’re just a result of something that happened during pregnancy. His doctor could give you a better idea of this than your own doctor could…a lot of doctors don’t even know what AVMs are.

If he’s worried about the effect of the seizure drugs on your baby, please call up the Epilepsy Foundation and get a case manager to talk with the two of you about it. You can find a nearby branch on their website:

I hope all goes well at your doctor’s visit!

There are some anti-S meds that women who might become pregnant should not take. No clue if it hurts that the Dad does.

I’d check with a good DR before I made any rash decisions.


I have twins, 10 years old…AVM is not passed parents…one twin had it and the other did not. I check the other one because I just had to know. The twin that had it, had no symptoms, it just hemmoraged one day. Although the AVM is not passed down, you may want to check into seisures or other neuro disorders. If he is having seizures from the AVM, he should look into treatment for himself, removal or radiation ect… effects from the meds he is taken at time of conception is something you should ask the dr, but the AVM is not passed down. Hope this helps…