My Dad Had Surgery Yesterday

My Dad had surgery yesterday but it wasn’t worry free as we expected. his surgery went fine. It took about 3 hours instead of six and it was done relatively quickly. he was then in the recovery room for about two hours before he went to the ICU. Within that time period of 2 hours another hematoma formed on the right side of the brain. An intern noticed he wasn’t able to move his left toe after the surgery ( which was his good side before the surgery) All I saw was my Dad being rushed to get a CT Scan and MRI. Later we were told they don’t know what caused the bleed possibly it could be a reaction to the surgery something tore or it was already there and since they didn’t open that side it wasn’t known. They are saying that the left toe impairment is completely recoverable but they have to get down to the bottom point what started the bleed? And Stop it. So we are going on a roller coaster ride! I thought my Dad was going to be out of ICU today and start physical therapy NOPE! Please keep us in your prayers. Thanks Everyone.

So sorry to hear that things did not go as planned.

Prayers are in the wind to you and your family.

Please keep us updated.