My english 2 paper. (i got a 90 & def deserved a 100. )

The media such as magazines, television, radio, movies, and the internet do have an effect on what most people find important. They take a variety of peoples opinions and make them publicly known. With all the opinions put out there, people are going to find something to be important.
Back in August an NFL football player had a seizure on the practice field. He rushed to a hospital and was diagnosed with an Arteriovenous Malformation also known as an AVM. This means blood vessels in his brain were tangled up and had high blood flow. They could have burst and bled. Because he had a seizure it saved his life. He continues to play without surgery.
NBA basketball player Aj Prince also had an AVM. His AVM did bleed, causing him to not be able to play for over a year. Finally his neurosurgeon allowed him back on the court. Prince, an Indiana Pacer’s player continues to play basketball today. In 2009 NCAA Men’s Division Basketball tournament voted him the most outstanding player in the west region.
June 2, 2011 I was also diagnosed with an AVM. I was found passed out in my bedroom . I may have had a seizure. I was rushed to MUSC and put on like support, fighting for my life. I was in ICU for 3 weeks as the blood was drained from my head. Unaware of it all, I survived, due to God’s power. Two months later I had surgery and now resume doing things I had before.
The media has time to talk about murder, crime, and famous people, why not seious medical issues? If the media took half as much time discussing medical stories as they do criminal, law breaking stories people would better understand the real dangers of life.

Hi Brooke. Yeah, you probably deserved a 100! Keep writing, it helps you and can help other people. So many people you have never even met are in your corner cheering for you. This site is amazing and so are you.

Brooke…congrats on your 100! As I said before your surgery, your school has to get you through this grade even though you are at home! You will greatly appreciate the teachers who come to your house to help!

I believe that being an AVM Survivor will teach you so much more about life than you every expected!

Keep the Faith!

Hey Brooke,
Grading an English paper is subjective! Your paper is from experience and is informative and from the heart. I work with College students every day and I can tell you that very few experience what you have and live to tell about it. You have done it by picking yourself up and getting back in school.
Keep it up and keep writing, It is one of the best ways I have found to work through frustration, sadness, and disappointments. I got a journalism degree during the time I found out about my AVM. I decided on the technical side of the business after seeing what passed for news. Maybe some type journalism career for you would help the content of news improve. Keep working and keep your opinions they make the world grow.