My First Embo~!

WOW! I can't believe that its all over and done with. number one is out of the way woohooooooo! this such a fantastic feeling. when i came back downstairs my dad was already waiting for me in my room. My own PRIVATE room which is so nice cause i'm in ward 41 which is the vascular ward. avergare age 70 yeah 70... im almost 21.

they went in both sides of my groin although only one of them was a femoral entry so i have another mynx closing that one like last time. havent seen the doctor since before the proceedure but thats ok.hopefully he comes round soon. they want me to get up and start walking soon but after the general anesthetic and the sandwich i tried to eat which came back up 20 minutes later i think i might just wait a little bit longer.

One of the best parts i think was when the anesthetist said that i would feel a cold sensation in my arm then it would be like ive had too many Gin and Tonics. She was so right. for someone having a sober month that was really a highlight.

Dr Buckley has just been in to see me. luckily my uncle who is and ENT Surgeon was here so he could explain things abit more. said it overall was really successful which was amazing to hear. theres a bit of bruising which is to be expected. He said he only managed to get about 20% of it filled because they had trouble reaching parts of it but thats ok cause they have a much better idea as to what to do next time.

the afternoon nurse made me get up and have a quick wander around and took my catheter out which feel so so soo much nicer!

anyways i'll write another blog in a few days time i just want to say thank you so so much to everyone on AVM Survivors for you're prayers and well wishes. i may not be religious anymore but the thought means so much to me!

Well… that is one way to spend Valentine’s Day. LOL. Soooo happy you are okay!!!

It was actually 8am on the 15th but because i like in New Zealand and everything posts on American time it looks a bit silly. just wish dinner tonight was as yummy as last night! They didnt give me any veges.

Hello Kat, so happy that you are feeling so good. Congrats.xx

I’m glad to hear it all went well. :slight_smile:

Hello Kat, I am so glad that you feel good. Take care.