My Husband is HOME!

After craniotomy on the 28th of Dec and in RIO for two weeks and one day Zac is home! He is making improvements daily. Speech is great. We do our own therapy at home now and he goes to outpatient rehab just started this week so not sure how many days a week, but insurance will only pay for 30 "visits" since he needs OT and PT that counts as two visits each time (sigh) hope? that will be enough! he walks with a cane, his right side is numb he has very littel grip/strength in the right hand/arm and since he is a welder this is important.

Saw the neurosurgeon yesterday for the first time since the hospital. He is blown away and amazed and told us that "this was the hardest surgery I have ever performed" You are doing GREAT! See you in 6 weeks. He also said something about being back to his ol self in 6 months (I hate time lines)! makes you want to prove them wrong :)

Has anyone else come back 100% from right side sensory damage He did not have a stroke thank goodness

Just curious

I’m glad to hear Zac is getting better. Determintation does have it’s rewards. ((((thumbs up!)))

Oh Karen, you must be so happy to have him home! I"M so happy for you! Even though you only have 30 visits, I can just see you two learning how to do it and do it yourselves! That’s what I did…I just kept going myself. Congratulations…on having your boy back at home!

I will say a prayer for him. I bet he perks up a lot now that he is home!

So glad he’s home. The therapy does help & therapy at home (reinforcement) is essential (not really ‘optional’) in reclaiming what has been ‘impaired’… the more often he can do it, the better the results will be. (This is the one instance where determination from ‘stubborness’ can really ‘pay off’ - ;).) Keep up the great work, Zac!!!

Congrats to both of you - am so happy for Zac's ongoing progress! :)

So happy for you guys! I know Zac will continue to do awesome!


Karen what a happy wonderful awesome thing to share!!! So great that Zac is doing GREAT and you have your husband home. Many many wishes and prayers to you guys for continued fantabulous recovery!