My partner’s MRI revealed AVM

Hello Everyone!

My partner reviewed her MRI with her family physician today and then she was referred to a specialist. Her family physician said it was fortunate that the AVM was discovered before any bleedings occurred. Symptoms so far have been headaches only.

As her partner, I am worried about her health and also I want to be prepared for the circumstances that we might encounter. I have done quite a bit of research this afternoon and eventually found this community. I understand what AVM is and the treatments that are currently available but I want to learn more to help my partner to recover.

  1. What are the precautions we can take to minimize the chance of rupture?
  2. What are the urgent symptoms that require immediate medical attention? Do I need to bring her to ER if she has severe headaches?

Thank you for your time everyone. I truly wish everyone and their loved ones all the best in the recovery process.

I think the biggest precaution is just doing things to keep your blood pressure down; no heavy lifting at the gym, try to control your stress and in case of a bleed limit intake of blood thinners like aspirin and ibuprofen.
and yes, take her to the ER if she has severe headaches, nausea and dizziness or vision issues as those might be signs of a bleed or the start of one.
I believe there’s a post on here about questions to ask your neurosurgeon so take a look at that before you meet your doctor next.
best of luck and stay strong!


Agree with Mike’s reply totally.
Its a difficult time when you get the diagnosis but remember your partner is fortunate not to have had a bleed so far. I too am in similar position, I am 54 and MRI found AVM in cerebella area of my brain without a rupture so far. My surgeon said that I could carry on as normal and do gentle exercise. He didnt say I needed to change anything. I ordered a medical wrist band which states my name and the AVM location. This would assist A&E medics if I had a bleed and rushed in on my own - provides a little comfort for me. I am waiting for my Gamma Knife treatment to commence in London. All the best and its a good idea to keep in mind the bigger picture and not to get bogged down in too much detail. There is no risk free option unfortunately.

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First of all welcome to the group! We are a group that does not mind, caring, sharing, encouraging, and supporting fellow AVM-ers. It’s hard to prepare for an AVM. I didn’t know I had an AVM until it ruptured and everything was put into motion. Here I am 5+ years along and a small portion of the AVM still remains after 2 rounds of Gamma Knife Radiation. As such, I agree with Mike. Keep your blood pressure in check, stay calm, don’t deal with negative people, get plenty of rest, stop when you are tired, don’t deal with negative people and practice a little P&P (Prayer & Patience). I’m glad you found us. I am wishing you all te best.

Sharon D…

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Your partner is so blesed to have you caring for her

Thank you everyone for your support. I truly appreciate it.

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Firstly welcome to the family… As Mike stated in his post it’s best to be careful in general, stay away from any medication that thins the blood as it can increase risk of a bleed… in moving forward the best advice would be from the neuro you see as they will have to asses the size, location etc etc… just so you know there is light at the end of the tunnel and technology is forever updating daily and improving… you are not alone and many of us share our success stories so please have a read around the site… please keep us posted and sending prayers to you and your partner… God bless!

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