My prayers go out to austrlia

Hope all our friends there are safe !

I’m thinking of my friends in Australia, hope they’re all fine… such tragedy, not only for the human victims but also for all the wildlife that perishes in the fire :(…

I am also thinking of our friends out in Australia. My prayers that all are doing good and are safe.

Watching the story on the news just breaks your heart !!

thanks for all your prayers guys…the people in victoria really need them at the moment…fortunatley i am about an hour and half away from the fires…but it is devestating…i can’t even turn the t.v on anymore without crying…it is so sereal it seems like a bad dream and the death toll is continuing to rise as i write this there has been another news flah saying the toll is now 181 people… heart breaking…thanks again guys and keep those prayers comming

dear pauline, how sweet of u to b thinking of us in this horrific time. i live about 20 min away from the fires. it has been one of the most terrible things i have ever witnessed. so many people, children homeless, left with nothing but horrible memories. u guys saw it there with the flooding in sth Carolina, i have never seen this before. i have been spending my days and evenings helping at the crisis centres. its the least i could do. the fires are still burning and death tolls will rise.
i can only pray that god will give these people the strength to continue fighting.
pray for our fire fighters who are working hours and hours on end…

Margret you be careful and take care of you too… I wish I could be there to help !