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Well guys thanks to all who welcomed me and sent comments.I really appreciate it.I started having bad headaches again around the 3-15-10 and was hospitalizied again on 3-18-10.Had mra, mri,ct scan,and an angiogram ran.Was discharged on 3-25-10 with diagnosis that my avm was again feeding and had increased 2and 1 half centimeters in the last 5 months since my last embolization.So now I get to get another embolization in the next couple weeks and will begin cyberknife surgery on artil first with 2 more treatments to follow on the second anc the fifth totaling 3 treatments in 5 days Taht will make me 3 surgeries and 3 radiation treatments since 8-09.I don’t know how much longer I can keep you guys updated cause I am now totally blind in right eye and vision blurry in left but wanted to thank you guys for making me feel welcome.please keep me in prayers.and Ihope you all the best.Thanks Lila

I read your post and my heart definitely goes out to you. I had an appointment with my neurosurgeon yesterday and I told him I too had recently been having headaches (I wouldn’t just classify them as headaches… they feel like someone is literally squeezing my head on both sides and there’s an small amount of heat it feels like is generating at the site of my avm). The only reprieve I have is if I take the pain meds I’ve been perscribed.Anyway he asked for a family history and wanted to know if anyone in my immediate family had suffered from migraines!!!
I will be sure and ask for a ct scan or an MRI the next tiime I go just to be on the safe side.
Thank you for your post. it’s definitely given me a list of more questions to ask the next time I’m seen.
best wishes to you

Lila, thank you keeping us up to date. You have alot of friends praying for you and I am confident you will feel better soon!


Kim McDermott

This is for jessica ables if and when you go to the dr. especially er drs. unless they have treated ya before tey will treat ya as if ya have a migrain.Mostly they will then take the god like stance when you ask for a ct scan not that you want narcotics, you already have those at home,but your head is still hurting even tho you took your meds which should tell them that something bad is wrong.

Hello Lila .
Positive thoughts and loving prayers for you .
May all go well and you have the best possible results .

May God guide , guard and hold you in the palm of His hand as always .

You are already proving how strong you are… I know it sounds cliche but keep your faith and I will keep you in my prayers. I’ve never met you but I say this with the deepest sincerity; There are so many of us going through similar circumstances and yet we are all so different, however we share the bonds of these “gifts”. There’s no thanks needed and please be strong for you right now :slight_smile:
You will be in my prayers.