My visit to Montreal

Hi everyone!
I haven’t been on here in a very long time!the last time was before my trip to see a specialist in Montreal. I’ve since then spoken with the Toronto Avm clinic. My seizure specialist there is doctor Del Campo. I am wondering if anyone has seen him? I have discussed my seizures with him, and he seems to just increase the dosage of meds. I find this to be only causing more side effects. I have read a lot about medical marijuana and from what I have heard it works for a lot of people. I would love to hear from people who have tried it and your thoughts.
If you could please inbox me that would be great! Thanks for listening!

Hi Brella. Is this doctor an epileptologist? Every neurologist claims to be a seizure specialist but they are not. Epileptologists have much more training/schooling in dealing with seizures.

Hi Brella - you may want to post this in the Canada group too, to get more responses.

Hi Brella

Marijuana has been reported to be very effective in the reduction of seizures. Check this out, then Google for more info. I found this on line. I saw the story on the news. Marijuana high in CDB and low in THC won’t get you high.

“Two-year-old Kyla Williams hasn’t learned to walk or talk, her development has stopped as she suffered as many as 200 seizures daily and no medication helped. Now the girl’s family says she hasn’t had a seizure in a week, ever since they began giving her cannabis oil extracted from hemp.

The oil being used by the toddler has high amounts of cannabidiol, known as CBD, the main ingredient in medical marijuana, and almost no psychoactive ingredients. Its use is in a legal “grey area,” according to proponents.”