Nathan-craniotomy scheduled sometime this week

Nov. 20th, Nathan was taken down to OR/angiogram suite around 10:00 am and was brought back up around 7:30 pm. They found that the veins in the back of his head were narrowing, almost obstructed causing a lot of pressure inside. The pressure had built up inside his head that was causing the bleeds. The doctor said if the normal pressure is around 30mm, his was about 100mm, no wonder he was in such pain/headaches. They performed “angioplasty” to open up the major veins and it helped so much to release the pressure that caused the bleeding. It helped his circulation by 70%, praise God!!!

They said he needs surgical procedure to correct the remaining fistulas/malformation in his head. They couldn’t do embolization because of the location of the fistulas, and his case is very complex and “challenging”. They want to do the surgery (craniotomy-open up the back of his head) sooner than later maybe as soon as next Monday or Tuesday. They’re a little optimistic because compared from last July, he is bigger, has more blood volume, and even the blood vessels are a little bigger.

He is stable right now, slowly opening his eyes and moving his extremities. He is still not fully awake and alert as before. They placed an “NG” tube (naso-gastric) through his nose to the stomach to feed him since he hasn’t eaten since Sunday. Pray that he will regain his strength for the surgery. I will be sending the prayer list again and would most appreciate your continued prayer for our little gift.

Thanks be to God for answering our prayers. Blessed be His name!

Nathan and family

Thanks for the update Jamiee…we are all thinking of you and your family and were just waiting for this update. It sounds like things are looking up, although surgery is scary. I hope it all goes well.

thank you everyone for praying and just keeping Nathan in your thoughts…it means a lot that I have a great support group here at avm survivors <3

Hello Jamiee,TJ and sweet Nathan. You are all in my prayers. Thank you for updating us.

Thanks for letting us know how he is doing. I’m sorry that this is all happening. You are in my prayers.

I feel for all that you’re going through. I’ll be sending prayers your way.

Jamie you are all in my prayers, stay strong, take care

Dear Jaimee and tj so good to hear an update and to know that nathan is ok and slowly waking up. Nathan and your family will stay with me in my prayers for as long as you need it. Try to take care of yourself and each other during these very difficult times. Please know that my heart is with you during this time. You are doing a wonderful job of staying strong and supporting nathan. Lots of love Michelle