Nathan will be home for christmas!

We’re sorry we haven’t updated this in awhile! Jaimee and I just finished our finals today and we’re so glad it’s finally over. Nathan has been pretty stable these past two weeks. He has had a couple of episodes where he would have an irregular heart beat and increased blood pressure, but it would only last a short period of time. The doctors are amazed at Nathan’s current condition. His fontanel feels nice and soft. Dr. Auguste, a pediatric neurosurgeon, says “He looks fantastic”. One week after we were told that Nathan would die, Dr. Auguste explained to us that somehow his brain was able to redirect the blood using different veins and arteries which helped reduce the intracranial pressures. “Usually this isn’t the case,” Dr. Auguste says. “It is a hard task to ask of the brain, this usually doesn’t happen.” On that note we’ll be home for Christmas! Nathan’s first Christmas! He will be discharged sometime tomorrow. He will be going home with a feeding tube and will continue his physical and occupational therapies. God is good!! God continues to answer our prayers!! Thank you for praying and we urge you to continue praying because God is listening! Please continue to pray for full restoration and healing. We are praying and looking forward to seeing Nathan’s smile again someday. God bless!

In Christ,
Nathan’s Dad

So glad for you and your family . Have a wonderful holiday and give Nathan lots of hugs and kisses from us all ! Your family is a true inspiration!

Sweet Nathan, TJ and Jaimee,
Praise the Lord a million times…where ever the road leads God is guiding, guarding and holding you in the palm of His hand. Enjoy this wonderful Christmas blessing, have the merriest of times and a happy New Year. You are all in our prayers. Hugs al around…

Oh, TJ…such wonderful news! Please give Jaimee and Nathan a hug for me. What a wonderful Christmas present God has given us all!

what great news
i wish you guys a very merry christmas…and my prayers will continue for a full recovery for nathan

What Wonderful NEWS!! God answers our prayers! I will continue to pray for Nathan and a complete recovery. I hope someday soon you will be able to see that smile on his sweet little face. What a strong little boy!! He is such a fighter and I’m so happy you guys get to celebrate your Christmas miracle. :slight_smile: Have a great holiday season!!!

WOW WHAT A GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFT, Enjoy your Christmas !!!

Dear TJ and Jamiee congratulations of finishing your finals and under such difficult circumstances, you sure have made us proud of you, you two are very strong and special people, i pray the lord continues to be with and cuide the two of you and give you strength and comfrot when you need it most. Don’t forget to be there to support each other. I am sure the andya family are going to have a very special christmas with there bundle of joy commimg home with them, what a perfect gift yes god is good and i will continue to pray for you all. Is little nathan’s eye still deviated very much?? Dose he seem to recognize you both now?? Take care lots of Love Michelle

Praise the Lord! What a blessed Christmas! My family will continue to pray for all of you. This is truly a miracle…

So good to hear that you will be home to celebrate Christmas! What a wonderful day that will be.

Also, Congrats on finishing those finals as well! I still can’t believe that you two were able to stay on track with school… You guys are amazing!


Such Happy News!!! What a relief, I am so glad for you all!
Thanks for totally making my day with your post :>

Jamiee & TJ thats is a wonderful christmas present to recieve, i am so glad for you both. Have a wonderful holiday and give Nathan a ((((HUG)))) xoxox

Hurray for baby Nathan and his wonderful parents. What amazing news. I wil pray that he continues to recover.

hi there you guys!! we told you !! keep the prayers going,your son is a mirace and my god he will recover.your road ahead is going to be a long one but you have the road to go down and that is the best thing in the world.we send you so much love and prayers.well done on finishing your finals.and we hope you have a wonderful christmas and a healthy happy new are always in our thoughts and prayers.always believe.nathan has came through the impossible and he will shine and keep coming through everyday,little by little he is here.god bless you all.xxxxxxxxx

Merry Christmas to you all!

god is good god is good.
praise our lord.

Happy for you! ;)) Love