Need Help Internet is pooping out on me!

I was born with an inoperable AVM, It was discovered when I was eight yrs. old. I started to suffer from epilepsy and horrible migraines. I am thirty now and as of six months ago I started to suffer from depression and anxiety. My neurologist suspects this may be stemming from where my AVM is in my brain. Which is the right frontal lobe and from what I could find on the internet, it suggests this is where your personality resides. Has anyone else gone through this or know someone who has. I’d appreciate any help or advice, I feel a little in the dark and a little frightened. Thanks.

Hi Sheila,

My AVM was very similar if not identical as it did have a profound effect on my feelings, personality which at first was a bit difficult to deal with. I went through various episodes of what could best be described as “ups and downs”. And, strangely enough I acquired a “magnetic personality” with a keen sense of humor. That is, I had a sense of humor before but, much more subdued. In addition, I became extroverted instead of the shy person I used to be.

I understand your concern over your migraines and the epileptic seizures which should definitely be addressed by a neurological expert. If you would like information with respect to the doctor/doctors who attended me, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Hopefully, this doesn’t add more confusion to your situation and if anything I hope it gives you a new perspective to from another AVM survivor.



Hi Sheila! Wow that sounds like a really tough “side effect” of an AVM. I can understand feeling frightened and unsure. But what a great reply from Michael above, right? Maybe you can hope for the same wonderful outcome? In the meantime can I suggest ice cream. Prefferably chocolate :slight_smile: