Need help understanding

My Husband had avm bleed 8 yrs ago. We where told that avm was gone, well today we where told he still has avm. I am soooo very scared i my lose my husband he almost died the first time the only thing that save him was the shunt. Please help understand a little more. Thank you

I wish I could understand this AVM thing . It’s crazy .I wish your husband all the best

Thank you

I’m sure they will give you more information but it seems that the surgery to stop a bleed can be separate from the AVM removal. Did he have two separate surgeries at the time? It seems terrible that he wasn’t told the status of his AVM?? This must be so difficult but there is still alot of hope for your husband so don’t give up. Let us know what they tell you. Take care Kim. We all understand your fear.

He never had surgery, he woke up with a bad headache and with in hr he was on life support. We where told he had a herromage do to avm and the avm was gone because it was destroy in bleed. Today we found out that there is a new or same avm…that just dont know yet.

Kim- If the surgeon is unable to remove the entire AVM it can come back. It is unfortunate when this happens. But if there is any AVM it can “recover” and become a problem again. Search the forum, I’m sure there are other posts that will help answer your questions. You can’t be the first one to ask this!
Good luck!

Thank you everyone here is so great! It been hard hearing this again.

I was told that if they don’t remove it all, there is the possibility of it retangling. I was told that sometimes in surgery they can’t reach it all or can’t see small “fingers” that shoot off. If some of these small areas are left, it can start retangling. I was under the impression that it is the reason why they follow-up the procedure with angiograms while still in the hospital. I know that many have indicated receiving gamma -knife or similar radition to take care of the lingering parts that they couldn’t reach in surgery. I am also assuming that is why they want us to come back in for an angiogram at the 3 year mark (to make sure everything is fine). I would guess that a small portion was originally missed in your husband and that is why some is now showing up again. This is just my thought, because I too, I was under the impression that once it is gone it is gone. Thinking of you and your husband!