Need help!

Ok! Chason is coming along so fast at Joe DiMaggio that it’s hard to believe it has been three weeks only… What an awesome God we serve!!! However the Doctor there has already mentioned getting him ready to come home… My concern is that although he is Regaining control of alot of things from moving to starting to walk with a walker, but it is with the therapist behind him holding the belt so he can still regain control of his balance! That is the main problem he is facing right now is his coordination and balance control which prevents him from being able to sit by himself or stand by himself!! This doctor is my negative force doc when everyone else is positive and impressed with how far and fast Chason is overcoming his obstacles, he is hardly around Chason long enough to see what he does not to mention he isn’t the neurologist who has said that Chason will make a full recovery!!! Anyways my issue is that the reason they are sending him home this way is because unfortunately our insurance has come to it’s max and now the hospital isn’t making the money they would if Chason bed was empty for a paying customer (as it was explained to me by a friend) … I’m afraid the motivation Chason has while at rehab which is getting him to work hard on wanting to regain it all back so he can come home… Won’t be as much being at home or that he won’t get the care he needs to get better faster like he is there 24/7 working with him!!! Frustrated that caring for someone who needs and is benefiting so much from their attention to details is being over looked by money and greed instead of medical needs!!! God help us!!!

I understand your concern and your frustration. I can tell you that for me it was so much better to continue my recovery at home. I was in the rehab unit for a month and terribly missing my kids and my husband. I was just happier at home. Before Chason comes home, the therapists should teach you the proper way to help him with walking, sitting, standing, etc. My husband had to come in and be taught and demonstrate that he could do it properly before I could be released. I understand the insurance issues also. Check with your insurance company and find out if they will cover out patient rehab. Usually they do because it’s far less expensive than an in-patient setting. However, it’s also not nearly as good. I had about 3 weeks of out=patient rehab, 2 times a week. I discovered that if I really wanted to continue to get stronger, I needed to do a lot of it on my own. As for the motivation…that was easy for me, I’ve got two young girls that needed me. For Chason, perhaps his friends could help keep him motivated. And of course, you can be his biggest cheerleader. I wish you all the very best of luck and continued success in recovery!

Hi Jana. One more option would be to see if your insurance would pay to have a therapist come to your home. I know you are scared/frustrated but just remember your son is a fighter. Being home may even motivate him more. I agree with Trish…you can be his biggest cheerleader.