Nerve Blocks?

Has anyone had any nerve blocks done for AVM-related headaches? I am scheduled to have a Trigeminal Nerve Block on February 4th at The Cleveland Clinic. If that is unsuccessful he will try a Stellate Ganglion Nerve Block. I was wondering if anyone has had any nerve blocks, successful or unsuccessful, to help with their headaches? Any information is appreciated!

Hi Agang,
I get them done for my cervicle dystonia and it does help. As a matter of fact... it's the only thing that helps me. I get a lot less severe headaches once I get the shots. It also cuts down on my brain fog too. I get them done every couple of months.
The shots aren't bad at all. Just a little sting like any other shot you get. Sometimes I feel the effect the same day. Other times, it's the next day.

Good luck,