Neurosurgeon in/near Tulsa?

Hi all,

I apologize for not posting much on here lately-- I promise I'll update my info soon! (I'm doing quite well, thankfully)

Unfortunately, my friend's sister was recently hospitalized for what the doctors thought was a tumor near her brainstem but, after her surgery, now seems to be an AVM (or at least some sort of vascular malformation-- her surgeons don't seem too clear on this, which is why I'm posting for advice here). She's stuck in a hospital in Tulsa, so I was wondering if any of you had experience with any neurosurgeons in the area. Do you know of any who specialize in AVMs? Would this girl's family be best off consulting a surgeon in Dallas, and if so, do you have any experience with anyone in particular?

I had my craniotomy at Stanford with Dr. Steinberg, and I'm now in Chicago, so I feel pretty useless trying to help my friend and his family sort through this. I'd greatly appreciate any advice you might have! Thanks in advance!

I'm sure there are neurosurgeons in OKC, Dallas, and Houston.

Might be a good plan to have the scans/reports sent to Stanford / Steinberg. AVMs of the brainstem are some of the most difficult to treat, and many are not treatable.

We also went to Steinberg for Chari's AVM surgeries and embolizations (Dr Marks). Traveling Tulsa to San Francisco might not be any harder than Tulsa to Dallas.

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Ron, KS

Hi Jenny,
Dr. Steinberg is my NS too - GREAT dr! :)
I echo Ron & would encourage your friend's sister in having the Stanford team review her films, reports, etc.
Best wishes to you & your friends sister,

I'm south of Houston, so I don't know doctors in Dallas.

My surgeon is Dr. Dong Kim, director of Mischer Neuroscience @ Memorial Hermann in Houston. He is also the Chair of the Neurosurgery Dept. at UT Med School in Houston. He & his team have taken very good care of me.

Someone (might have been A Collins) posted earlier they had DR Kim. Think that was the neurosurgeon who worked on Rep. Gabby Giffords.

Ron, KS

Ron--yes, Dr. Kim is the surgeon who treated Rep. Giffords after she was transferred to Houston. He's the one who is shown on tv during press conferences discussing putting the artificial skull piece in and when discussing her leaving Houston to go to Florida for the shuttle launch.

Hi Jenny. Sorry this post is so late...I don't know if KC is an option for her. We are about 4 hours away from Tulsa. I have been going to KU Medical Center and they seem to have a good handle on things. My AVM is also in my brainstem so I have had fractionated radiation to minimize damage to surrounding tissue. My neurosurgeon is Dr. Stepp who was referred by Dr. Camarata/Dr. Lovick. Hope that helps and if any more info from KC would help just let me know.