Neurosurgeons recommendations for AVM treatment

Luis, good to “meet” you.
I am also in South Florida. It sounds like we are not terribly far from each other. I received gamma knife radiation at the University of Miami. My care team there has taken good care of me there and the staff kept me comfortable throughout the day in the hospital. My Neurosurgeon is Dr. Benjamin and my Radiation Oncologist is Dr. Mellon. Dr. Benjamin has put a good amount of effort to keep a close eye on me whenever I complain of some sort of symptom. We obviously are on different treatment paths given the difference in our AVMs, but I would recommend UM to myself if I had to go back in time to talk to myself. If you’d like to connect with someone near by, feel free to reach out to me in my inbox in case you wanted someone who understands the situation.
Best regards to you, Luis.


Dear Luis

Welcome to group. Sorry I took some time to reply. Great to hear you have caught the AVM un ruptured. As other have said, they are all great choices. I myself had my AVM removed @ Cleveland Clinic Ohio with Dr Marc Bain and team. Mine was similar in size although located in my cerebellum, middle right.

Cleveland Clinic Ohio, Barrow, Mayo, Stanford and other hospitals like these will treat anywhere from 75 to 150 cases of AVMs per year (at least when we did our research). I would say numbers can make a difference. Transferring from Cleveland Clinic Weston to Ohio can also be an option.

I am 46 years, 1.5 years post operation. Happy and great full to be here…

All the best



Hello All

I hope everybody is doing well.

Just to let you know that I had my AVM resection/craniotomy at Barrow in Phoenix with Dr. Lawton, who is a phenomenal surgeon. Surgery was a complete success, it lasted like 9.5 hours, with AVM 100% removed along with 3 aneurisms neutralized. After a few days I was already walking daily and after 2 weeks I started going to the gym lifting weights 4 times a week and also playing pickleball 2 hours 3-4 times a week. The only thing that I have is a minor facial nerve paralysis (temporary due to some existing inflammation) that doesn’t allow me to raise my left eyebrow. I just feel soo thankful and blessed that I am doing so well!!!.

Happy Holydays



That’s wonderful news, Luis! Congratulations! My son had resection surgery at Barrow in October. Dr Lawton successfully removed 99% of the AVM, the reminder deemed too close to the motor strip for safe removal. Dr Lawton is a phenomenal surgeon who puts patients safety first. No deficit was resulted from the resection. We are grateful for what Dr Lawton did for our son and feel optimistic about the upcoming Gamma knife treatment in Feb 2024.


Duke University Neurosurgery. Drs. Hauck, Boisevert and others.

This is great news & we are genuinely happy for you… God bless!

That does sound like an excellent outcome: a wonderful finish for the year!

Very best wishes for the year ahead!


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Good to hear - and, good to hear another successful surgery by BNI

I’m going on 4 years post embolization that was done by Barrow. So far, considering - I’m doing well

Again, good to hear!


Great news Luis. Hope everything continues going your way. My son just got his AVM removed couple days ago and he is miserable with pain that Tylenol Codine can’t seem to stop. I’m impressed that in two weeks you’re in the gym. They absolutely prohibited my son from lifting anything until further review in two weeks. Not that he’s thinking about the gym now other than just controlling his pain. Best of luck to you and blessings on this great news !

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