New at this-Need Help!

My husband had surgery on Oct. 1, 2008 for an AVM found in the left side of his brain. After surgery my husband’s arm and leg were weak. He spent about 2 weeks in the hospital doing in-patient rehab therapy. Was released on friday, Oct. 24 and was re-admitted the following Tuesday because he had fluid accumulating on the brain and the pressure was unbearable. They did a spinal tap for two days to drain the fluid and has been released again. He still has bad headaches but he says its not like before with the pressure. Is this normal? After reading some of your stories it sounds like this is a long process. We don’t really know what to expect. His left leg is still weak and he can’t really work on it because he can’t get off the couch long enough because of the headaches. Help!


First of all, every AVM situation is unique. Some people have very few side effects. Some people have severe side effects. For those situations with more severe side effects, you need accurate information and a really positive attitude through all of this. Read people’s stories here, contact them directly, and also look into Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor’s book Stroke of Insight and into Eric Metzar’s movie Life.Support.Music. The last two show how it is truly possible to recover from situations that look dismal at the time. It can be a long, long journey, so you need strength, hope, and faith. We can help out with some of that.


I agree with everything Ben has already said.
It is a long process and sometimes can feel overwhelming, but bit by bit it’ll start feeling more manageable! So give yourselves lots of time to come into terms with this.
Take care,


Ben couldn’t have said it any better…I know that probabaly isn’t what you wanted to hear exactly…I think we all wish for THE ANSWERS,and with this there really is only the individual.Though it helps alot I think to still hear and listen and help others who are going through the same experience though in different levels.If nothing else,a place to feel conected,a place to make new friends,a place to feel like your not the only one who is going through this,a place to let off steam…
Hope with each day that we can see a positive differece in all of our lives!!! Best of luck to you!!! Pat :slight_smile: