New blood on brain?

Just curious if anybody has any insights. My daughter is 9 years old. Her AVM ruptured in January 2009. It was a massive bleed that she was fortunate to survive. She had a second craniotomy in March 2010 to resect a residual AVM. Then a third crani 2 months ago. Each time we have been assured that the AVM was gone and that my daughter was cured. When my daughter started having subtle problems, our local neurosurgeon asked us to come in for a checkup. A catscan revealed a 4cm area of new blood on her brain in the same spot as the AVM. While we wait for doctor to come back tomorrow, I am totally spooked that this is a slow bleed from an AVM. Has anybody had any similar experience?


Hi Tina. I will be praying for your daughter!