New dressing?

My surgeon tried out this dressing called Lyofoam on me, and it's caused more problems than I've ever had with any sort of dressing. I wrote a blog entry about it here but now that I've taken it off, not only was it very painful but the ulcerated part is now bigger and the skin is coming off like nobody's business! I think for the time being I should stop using it... right? Not sure it'll do me any favours anyway!

Hi Steph, here's an article that discusses many different types of bioengineered skin:

There are some other options, in case Apligraf is too difficult to obtain. I will hope you never have to have another skin graft. Today's video brought tears to my eyes. Have you seen the writer from the UK asking for stories of AVM for her women's magazine? I think you should contact her:

Thank you so much for all your resources - they are really helpful and give me so much hope!! I will most definitely be asking my surgeons about these ideas, I just can't wait till the 20th to ask them about all the stuff that I know now! Again, thank you VERY much for all the stuff you've shown me, and for being so kind. Lots of love and best wishes xxx