New Life............After Avm

My dear friends,
I just have one Question for any one who chooses to answer?
How did you start a new way of life, after surgery? Please include your relationship changes and how you have dealt with them. I am feeling like i am swimming up stream and not getting anywhere. How and what to do with the rest of my life . New friends, I’M still lost here…and at times I really don’t understand what to do now . Live with my disabilities, yes i know however no one else can! And I thought love was understanding .and standing side by side through the rain. How to go forth…I’m stuck!
Still sending out Angel light and love to all…d
thank you…

I know how hard this is, Donna. I think that counselling is important…I wish that I could convince my husband to go. Even though he has beenvery supportive, I see how stressed out he gets. Then I feel guilty. He is super-overprotective and I get mad that I’m being treated like a child! And I have always been the more mature partner in our relationship! lol

Anyway, enough of me. If you can, try to get him to go to counselling with you. Like you, your husband is probably just frightened and frustrated…but doesn’t know how to deal with it.

Its a great question- I guess I never really thought about it, I just did it. I didn’t have the craniotomy- I had the Gamma Knife, yet I was still out of commission for a good six months and have lingering issues 2 years later. I guess I took it a day at a time. I had the benefit of a loving partner who kept me from depression or too much anxiety, but I also went through some counseling & it was helpful.

I know that here in New Hampshire, there is a support group for Brain Injury people. You might Google it to see what’s available in NV. Here’s a national website that may also give you some info:

In the meantime, use us!
You also might start a blog on this site- it may be a way to get your feelings out in a safe environment. Plus, I know we’d all benefit in some way.

Thank you all…for your input. Keepin my head up…for how long? Living with pain all day makes me crazy in and of it self. Can’t seem to find it in me to feel compassion for those who complain about little stuff. I never use to feel this way. Wow , blame it on the Avm…every one else does around me who are running the other way!
Sending Angel love and light…d

Don’t give up. I pray that you have peace in your heart. Sometimes ppl can’t understand what you are going thru or when you tell them too much they cant take it emotionally. That’s what i feel… so give and take. Plan out what to do…keep urself busy hehehe…don’t think too much about d pain. You never know ppl come to you for advise and support. So the things you go thru you will be able to help others in the future…