New member; Hi!

I’m new on here, so thouht I would say hello. I was found to have an AVM in my cerebellum in 2008, after getting an CAT scan for migraines. Since then I’ve had an MRI and referred to a Neurovascular consultant. However, my letter was lost on the way so this year I enquired about not hearing anything and was referred again. I have my appointment in January. Since 2008 I’ve had constant sharp pains and migraines in my head and a feeling on pins and needles down my spine and over my head. I also have vertigo and tinnitus and a variety of other things which may or may not be related. I’m fastracking a A Level at the moment but finding it very difficult as I don’t seem to have the concentration and energy I used to possess, leaving me a determined individual, finding it exhausting trying to achieve her dreams… There’s no one I can talk to as my family and boyfriend don’t like to discuss it. Whether it’s denial or scares them, I have no idea. I’m hoping to find solace here, with people who understand :slight_smile:

Hi TwilightStars,
How unfortunate and frustrating your letter was ‘lost’ and your consultation was delayed until Jan. I know the waiting seems like an eternity! Once you’ve been seen by your dr. I do hope he or she has a solution for you.
While I don’t know of any neurosurgeons specializing in vascular malformations In Ireland, I do know of Dr. Bert Coert in Holland, or Dr. Nadia Khan in Switzerland from my contacts @ Stanford University.
Best wishes to you,

Welcome, Twilight! You have found a great place to talk to people who will not only listen, but also care and understand what you are going through.

Welcome TwilightStars,…

WE,…The AVM Survivors are here for you, with open ears, strong shoulders, compassion, empathy, sympathy and understanding. We are family.

Thank you all for the warm welcome :slight_smile: ; I can’t tell you how relieved I am to be able to talk to others who have AVMs. I hope I can be of help and comfort to you all in return :slight_smile: