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I am currently being tested for an AVF in my thoracic spine. Am I in the right group? I sure hope so as I am scared out of my mind when thinking about all this. I have a CT Myelogram scheduled for December 5th. Anyone have one of those? Words of wisdom?

thanks for all your help.

You are in the right place! Welcome to the AVM family. You will definately find support and encouragement. Search around I’m sure there is someone who knows your type of avm. Post a blog or on the message board and they will find you! Good luck in December!

Hi Marci
You’ve posted your blog so someone will find you, I’ll keep you in my thought and pray for a good outcome in December.

You’re in the right place, Marci. Welcome to our family. I know that you are probably a wreck right now…please know that you are not alone. We are here to support you and answer any questions that we can.

Welcome Marci…this is the place to be! Everybody is so helpful and friendly. You are not alone.

welcome marci ,its great to have you here,and many people here to talk with ok:) your not alone,Caroline

Thanks to all of you! I appreciate the warm welcome.

Hi Marci,
Welcome to the group.

hi marci, welcome, the people here are fantastic, dont hesitate to ask anything someone will reach out to you, WE ALL WILL

margaret xxxx

Welcome to the group Marci!
I hope your Myelogram goes well next week — looked it up on wikipedia for you if you haven’t already done so yourself by now:

My AVM is in the middle of my head and I’m awaiting a date for another test before the (first) embolisation. I’m 41 and live in Holland.
Hugs from Kerstin!