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I had an AVM in my brain. Did anyone on here have one somewhere else?

Hi Brooke. There is a sub-group on here…
200 plus members on there. My first cousin had a pulmonary AVM. AVMs can occur anywhere in the body. Some members have multiple AVMs throughout their bodies. No matter where they are located…we are here for each other on this site!

My AVM was in my neck. Glad both of our AVMs are gone.

Take care,

thank youu.

Mine isn’t gone. I have surgery the 30th. But thanks. I’m glad you’re okay.

My daughter has a large one in her thigh that has completely “eatten” through her femur.

Hi Brooke,

My AVM and aneurysm are both in my spinal cord. They are intramedullary, which means they are within the cord, and they are at the C-7 to T-2 levels.

Oh, and btw - today is the 9 year anniversary of my AVM hemorrhage. My anniversaries are celebrated happily, because I’m still making it. :slight_smile: