New to avm survivors network

my 5 yr old grandaughter has avm in brain, inoperable

question today is about any behavior problems that others may have experienced with child this age relating to avm

Welcome to the site. Sorry to hear of your granddaughter’s AVM. There are several on this board who have kids with AVMs (wife’s showed up at age 40, so can’t answer specifically) that will likely respond.

What symptoms or behaviors are you observing? Anti-seizure med side effects can produce a variety of symptoms.

Don’t be too quick to assume that the AVM is inoperable. We heard that when my wife’s AVM showed up about 1991. By 1998, technology had improved and a leading AVM treatment center said “Come on out and we’ll fix it!” Today, her AVM is GONE.

Kids are very resilient, as you well know. Hope for the best for her.

Ron, KS