Next Surgery

Just received call my 9th surgery is scheduled for next week on the 10th. They scheduled me for another embolization and will make decision regarding anerysm once they are in there. I am hoping they will only need to do the embolization to redirect the blood flow away from the aneurysm. Wi

Keeping my fingers crossed.

Take care,


Lee Ann I am hoping for and with you .
May you have the smoothest possible sailings through surgery , recovery and healing to the best result(s) possible .
Positive thoughts and loving prayers for you and yours .
Be good to you . Take care of you .

Hy Lee Ann i’m Camilla and i’m writing from Italy, i read about your aneurysm…here in Italy near Milano there is Dr. Mattassi that inventied a special way to surgery aneurysm (…maybe you could contact him to help you!He is also my Dr. form my avm…so he colud help you in a multi way!!!Good Luck!

Hello Lee Ann, I do hope that your embolization went well for you. You have been in my thoughts and prayers. Lppk forward to hearing from you soon, lotsa luv, Lesley.

doing good from embolization but aneurysm won’t be done until January because it is a wide mouth one and they need to place a stent so the coil won’t fall out and I have to take plavic’s (hope spelled right) ten days prior. Dr. Rosenwasser was very pleased and said I was a trooper and my AVM is very complicated and I need to hang in there. Staying strong and positive and taking one at a time. Hope everyone esle is doing good.

Glad to read your embolization went well in November. Hope you had nice holidays. Sending you prayers in regards to your scheduled aneurysm surgery for this month. - Cindy