The past three nights I have had vivid dreams, nightmares or night terrors. What ever you want to call them. Last night's I can't even speak about. I wake up feeling horrified and have noticed increasingly bad symptoms up to today, being the worst. I'm snappy, off balance, battling migraine and extremely fatigued. Anyone have any insight? I can only speculate but I am sure dreams come from our brains and having an AVM I can only imagine there is a connection. Possible sleep seizure or activity?

Hi Holly. Definitely something you wish to talk to your doctor about. In the meantime...put on a good Holiday movie. I love a good cup of decaf type of tea at night!

Hi Holly... I concur with Barbara. It is worthy to mention this to your doctor/neurologist.. I have yet my story to share but let me share this experience for now: before i met the AVM in my life on Sep 17, 2011- I had never had a seizure or no other symptoms whatsoever that i know or knew of - at least not to my knowledge.. But during medical history taking, while i was hospitalized back then for the first grand mal seizure i had, i was asked a battery of questions including whether i had any kind of auras (a state one goes thru before the occurence of a seizure) and (get a hold of this) they asked me if i had any kind of 'de ja vu' moments which is a consistent sign or symptom that accompany the kind of AVM I had - in the temporal lobe. As well as they asked me about my normal state of emotion - as i've always considered myself emotional anyway. Thus, i do tend to be moody..I know the deja vu part sounds weird but I had asked my neurosurgeon and neuropsychologist about this and did some extensive reading as yes, it does made all sense after I had consulted with other doctors and book references... so the deja vu I had been experiencing back then (which date back to as long as 6 yrs ago..) , my neurologist says is some kind of seizure or aura- which can happen with people who have AVM's on the temporal lobe.. believe me, i felt so defeated because i wished i had known to consult a doctor about my long history of having deja vu - then it would have been earlier i would have discovered right? on the other hand, every body has had deja vu - i had debated on this with the doc as well. what made mine different from others right? not that i didn't believe my doctors - it's the feeling of defeat. and then i had this question - who would have thought i should have seeked attention for experiencing deja vu? on the other hand- it all made sense now. In the past when i had experienced deja vu or when i found myself in this state- i kinda felt weird - it's really a weird kind of feeling and at some point it did frighten me as it would happen every now and then.It lasts for a few minutes - not over 3 minutes i would say.But back then,due to lack of knowledge, it was easy to brush it off as the 3 minutes of deja vu would be over soon..anyway, i am not saying that you perhaps had a seizure or a sleep seizure - but it is worthy to investigate what's been going on with you for the past three nights.. and your other symptoms may also very well mean it is indeed connected to having an AVM.. sorry for the long share of experience and the long comment but thanks for reading and i am hoping it makes sense to u why share this.. we should all listen to our body...hugs to you, i pray that we'll find a solution or reason to why you've been experiencing nightmares lately..pls do keep us posted.. i've had restless nights too due to all kinds of body aches, not to mention incisional pain from my very recent surgery for AVM removal (still recuperating) and i get worn out easily as well - it can be tough sometimes..:( as a result : extreme fatigue...