No Drooling! Updated with pictures!

Hey everyone!

Denver trip #14 went well with no drama or complications. My new hospital gown (yes a new new one) was a hit along with my matching cap! And to top off the outfit, Jodi from Alaska (Allisons mom) sent Dad Brad with a little care package for me! They are great people. My little goody bag had a chocolate fish, lots of my favorite mini eggs, AND cute bright blue/aqua Alaska sockies! They matchd my gown perfectly and had cute little moose on the bottom for gripping! So I got to wear those instead of the ugly hospital ones. Plus Allieon had matching purple ones with bears on the bottom. Brad took a picture so when I get a copy I’ll have to share!
So I’m swollen but not to the point of being a drool queen! Ha! Just a little leaking from the pucture sights no biggy! The cool part of this trip is that Nurse Rick came in on his day off to get the opportunity to go in with me and actually observe my procedure! So now he will have even more perspective when he takes care of us post op! Not that he wasnt already an awesome and attive nurse
So im feeling good, just mostly tired with only slight pain we are going to drive up to Boulder today and meet up with Jody and Arie which should be great Then we head home tomorrow morning!
Thanks to everyo e for the messages and posts ofsupport, well wishes, and prayers We really do appreciate all of them and I know it helps to keep me positve and makes these treatments easy and succesful!
Love you all!

Pictures- Preop in my newest gown, right after treatment all dressed and ready to hit the road. The next day in the morning, the next day later that night…it actually swelled up a little more by the end of the day…but still no big deal!

I’m so glad your treatment went well! I can’t wait to see the pictures of you in your new gown, caps, and socks!

I can’t wait to see the pics of your new gown… I hope your feeling better soon!

Awesome! WOW…caps and socks…who would have thunk?

Shalon, glad all went well! Sounds like you were pretty stylish; Ginny and Holly would like your new fashions; they both loved your last gown. Hope they don’t get any ideas about mine! Anyway, glad you are doing well and feeling better. Always in my prayers, God Bless! Steve

Yes, I think Steve needs a gown too with a manly pattern! Glad it all went well, Shalon and glad you have a little fun while you are there. What an amazing thing that the nurse, Rick came in on his day off!! wow! That means alot. Take care and don’t forget to show us those photos.

Thanks everyone! I promise as soon as I’m home I will upload the pics. We did get up to Boulder today but couldn’t make a date with Jody & Arie. Next trip for sure. We did actually spend a little time with Camellia and family on Wed. She had been in for treatment Tuesday and was quite swollen. However I did tell her that I still hold the “drool queen” title from earlier this summer. She’s going to have to do better if she wants to steal that from! :slight_smile:
Oh and Steve, when I was at the fabric store I saw some fun “boy” prints…including army greens! Thought of you and your war against this AVM. Although Josh has been in your corner convincing me that most men aren’t exactly into the dressup/fashion show thru ore-op the way us girls are! Ha ha ha! Tell me you wouldn’t even get the slightest kick out of it… We could even do caruoon airplanes or something ha!

Hi Shalon, glad all went well and looking forward to the pics!

thanks again everyone! I’ve updated pics now too! So check out my newest glamour gown!

Very fashionable New York, Paris, London, Milan and Denver - Looking good!! Much love R

This might not be right… but I see a real change in how your AVM looks especially in that last photo! It seems so much more confined to the bottom of your lower cheek and chin and not as much swelling under your eye. Is it feeling different or is it just where Dr. Yakes chooses to do the embo?? Anyway, Keep up the good work and attitude! I hope you are not in too much pain. OH! and your outfit looks FAB! I think you should pick up some material that has Superwoman all over it because that’s what you are! And I think we have scared Steve with all this talk of sewing and material!! I guess Josh is right! haha

So glad every thing went well… i agree with joy after looking over the photos your AVM is really starting to look like its becoming just conifined to the bottom and not the side by your eye… How are you feeling!! also in the top right picture with th eblue back round your eyes look awesome so blue … ps i am so jealous!!

Joy & Melissa, Thanks for the “compliments” on how my AVM is doing. I definitely think the embo’s are working. I can’t identify the “thrill” as easily as I used to, the pulsing in my face is less visible, and of course at this point my ugly wound is healed which totally means that the blood flow to regular tissue has been restored in that area. So good things all around. As far as the way it looks…that one is a little more deceiving. It definitely depends on where he treats and how much alcohol he uses. The past two trips haven’t had as much swelling, but that could all change next month. If he attacks more in my cheek, my eye will probably swell shut. I’m not sure which is better, the shut eye or the shut throat! I do get nervous when my throat swells up and my little “punching bag” sorta gets crowded and sits on top of my tongue. Plus I get in trouble with the PA’s at Swedish when I don’t mention the breathing issues…oops. I think I have conveniently forgotten to mention it this time as well. Oh well, I’m fine… But I did notice a new area up by my ear (behind and above) and my ENT confirmed that it seemed to be migrating a little. But I’m pretty confident that Yakes will fix that before it becomes too much of an issue. This pesky AVM just likes to keep fighting me. But I’m a better fighter than it is…and I now have all my fighting “gowns” to wear in battle! I think that MUST give me the advantage! :slight_smile:

wooowww! I’m so glad that things went well for you! It’s awesome the progress you’re making!! and all of your gowns- they are gorgeous!! I’m entirely jealous haha, I should have asked my mom to make one for me for tomorrow. Keep Rockin’ on :slight_smile:

So glad to hear everything went well. I wish I had your good attitude all the time. Where do you get it from lol. Love the hat and gown! Hope your still feeling good, your in my prayers as always!

Your cap and gown are so pretty!