No meds no psych

Throughout my recovery my Husband of 15 years Insisted that I proceed through my recovery without the assistance of psychotherapy or anti-depressants! *Correct, he is just a husband (soon to be ex-) Since he “didn’t sign up for all this!” I am not sure why he thought he was ever qualified or welcome to make medical decisions on my behalf?? Since this summer he has since bailed, and now that I moved home with my parents I will be finally having a psychology appointment in 2 weeks! Any suggestions? I need all the help I can get to pull my ass out of this rut! be kind please…

the left brain is my happy place,

Way to go Nicole!

After some surgeries, our whole family went to a family counselor. He was a Christian (like us), and had been “there”. Chari had his daughter in fourth grade when his wife, the girl’s Mom, died of cancer. So he was able to relate to our stress and worries. It helped each of us…

I wish you well in your NEW journey.

Ron, KS

It sounds to me like you are taking control of your life again. I would want to know if this therapist specializes in brain injuries. I think you are going in the right direction. Please keep us informed!

Absolutely, I am pressing to see a neuropsychologist! I think, they are indeed psychologists who specialize in the treatment of psychology disorders as relative to TBI’s! I know I willstill have a lot of work to do indepedantly to get myself right again! It’s a long walk, but so much nicer with my friends I have met on this site! (Not being alone I mean! But I always know I can reach out here for support which is a comforting card to keep in my back pocket!
thanks again!

Thanks Ron, I am optomistic and anxious to get started on this journey for the first time in 2 years, it is a welcome emotion! Although my soon-to-be-ex is well past any counselling! He has told me the best thing he has done for his emotional state is file for divorce! And be that as it may, we are each on our own journey… So all that leaves me is to pick up my own pieces and focus on getting me better. I have resolved myself to the fact that the only one I can count on is me! Thanks Ron it helps to hear even still!!

Nicole, As Barbara said…YOU are going in the right direction. With all that you have been through, being on an anti-depression med (even if it’s for a short time) would greatly help. Keep the Faith, good Friend!