Non Brain AVM's?

Hello everyone!

I just found this website and was excited to see how many members there were! It is great that this type of support exists for people suffering from this condition.

In taking a quick peek at some bios, I noticed that there were a few people on here that have non-brain AVM’s, as do I. I’ve found it is more difficult to find the non-brainer’s in general and glad that some of us are here.

I have a facial AVM and am currently undergoing alcohol embo’s with Dr. Yakes in Colorado. Anyone else a Yakes patient?

Please take a look at my new website detailing my experience with AVM’s. I’m hoping that my story will feel similar to some other people and that I can reach some that share the same experiences!


it is super to meet you, god bless and welcome, caroline

I had six embolizations back in 2002 with Yakes, soon there after he was told he could no longer treat AVMs if they were in the brain. I met Yakes right after I had my first bleed and was rushed to Swedish after the first hospital did not know what to do with me, but knew about the Vascular Malformation Center at Swedish Hospital.

He was “told”??? By who? Do you know why? I was seriously under the impression that he still treated both brainer and no-brainers! But then again when I think about the visits I have had, many of the other patients I have seen have obvious malformations of the body. But some didn’t…

That is interesting! i’ll have to find out what the situation is next time I am there.

Welcome Sharon.
Mike O’Brien