Not so stressed out anymore

It helps to know that my mom is not the only one to have this condition. Although her AVM affects her Throat and Brain. My mother has bled off and on since the 27 of last month. It really really helps to know that this website is here. I have told her about this website and hope that this will be the pick me up she needs. I have stayed with her off and on for about 2 weeks and need a long break. My brother is going to stay with her tonight and possibly tomorrow night. I love my mom very dearly but we are two different people and we have two strong personalities. My brother has a tendency to be a bit of a worry wort when he doesn’t need to be. I have a tendency to look for the positive things in life after I stop panicking. Although AVM is rare when you find out other people have gone through it AVM is not so rare after all. Love and Hugs to all Anna E.

hi anna, what a difficult time for you all.
stay strong and dont feel the need to explain why you need a break. it is important for you, you need it to rest your body and mind.
this is a very scary time for your mum and she needs you there. i am here for you, so if you ever need a chat, just drop me a line.
you and your mum will be in my thoughts and prayers. xxx