Not such a good first appt

Hello Everyone,
I was diagnosed a year ago with an aneurysm (frontal lobe) and an AVM (3.5 cm)in my occipital lobe-which had bled.
My neurosurgeon had said we ought to monitor both for a year. Told me to stay away from all blood thinners, bending, straining, roller coasters etc.He said the risk of stroke for me was too high to perform an angiogram.
I moved and so went to a new neurosurgeon today.
I sent new MRA results ahead as directed.
Well the intern who interviewed me was unaware of the 'films'. She said she would check it out and tell the Dr.
My blood pressure when I arrived was 165/110--it never dropped the hour or so I was there.
The Neurosurgeon came in very shortly after she left. He addressed the aneurysm. Said it was not in a dangerous spot. Very common. I asked about the AVM, he looked surprised and the intern told him the images were on the computer. He tried to find them and said-- oh yeah she has a Cavernoma---oh looks like she has two…
I asked about the AVM. He said sure I can see the drainage vein right here---not to worry, these lesions pose no threat. What about the symptoms -I asked.
Unrelated he said.
About that aneurysm though…he said, and he looked at my husband. If it goes, there is only about a 50% chance she will survive. And small as it is I can clip it with pretty minimal risk. But first an angiogram. But I was high risk--I said.
Not anymore, 1 in 600 maybe suffer adverse reactions to angiogram.
And he wanted to do this next week.
He also said I don't have to be concerned about my blood pressure effecting the aneurysm and not to worry about blood thinners.

There were many contradictions--too many to write here.
It was rather upsetting.

Anyway, thank you for the welcome and support.

Hi Laura. Okay most neurologist/neurosurgeons have not a clue when it comes to AVMs. We only occur in 1% of the world's population. How many has he/she treated?
Angiograms are considered the gold standard for spotting AVMs. I had a major bleed and they still performed 3 of them on me. One helped my surgeon find a better route to my AVM...shorter surgery. The last one proved it was obliterated.
165/110 is high but you were probably SCARED and NERVOUS. Who would not be?
Keep searching for the right doctor!

Thank you Barbara!

Originally I told this man that I would take the risk as I know the angiogram would help to see the AVM-
and get this--he told me the AVM would not show up on the angiogram!!!!

I am sending my images out tomorrow. Thanks again.

What do you call the person who graduated last in the class of med school...Doctor.